Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits--Book Podcasts

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If you own an MP3 player, iPod, iPad, iPhone, smart phone, or other portable electronic device, you have likely listened to podcasts.  Podcast download sites are plentiful, and no doubt you have found some that match your interests.  So have I, and from time to time, I will share my favorite places for book-related podcasts.

Today's selection is Books on the Nightstand which offers weekly podcasts that focus on newly released and forthcoming books.  Every Wednesday, you can download the latest book discussion from bloggers Ann Kingman and Michael Kindness.  They deliver book recommendations and other tidbits in an entertaining, conversational format; and as sales reps for Random House, Kingman and Kindness provide insider opinions on books and publishing.  (The blog itself is independent of and not funded by their employer.)

Visit the BOTN website to subscribe to weekly podcasts, sign up for a monthly newsletter, or to get blog updates by email.  Previous podcasts are also available here from a rather impressive archive.  And since tomorrow is Wednesday, it's your chance to hear the newest BOTN podcast.



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