Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday, Monday: Farewell Spring


It's hard to believe that it's already summer.  This means more time outdoors and lots of summer reading. As I line up which books to read during this season, I'm reflecting on my completed spring challenge, which I took right down to the wire.

My challenge was to "spring clean" my reading piles by participating in Spring Reading Thing 2013 hosted by Sandra at The Musings of a Book Addict.  Here are the five books I chose to read:

                     Beautiful RuinsFonduing Fathers (White House Chef Mystery Series #6)Me Before You
                          The Book of Lost Fragrances  Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles Series #1)                    

These books were wonderful and enjoyable in their own ways.  Briefly stated, Beautiful Ruins and The Book of Lost Fragrances are rich with interesting characters and exotic locales; Me Before You is a thought-provoking look at the impact of a tragic occurrence on family relationships;  Fonduing Fathers is the latest entertaining installment in the White House Chef series which I adore; and Cinder is an imaginative, futuristic retelling of Cinderella.

While this only made a small dent in my book piles, meeting the goal has created an exhilarating forward momentum for more summer reading.

Enjoy life with books . . .


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