Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Spotlight--Veteran's Day Fiction

Today is a day to honor the men and women who protect us and safeguard our freedom and to thank their loved ones as well. We remember all who have served, continue to serve, and those who made the ultimate sacrifice.  We appreciate your strength and courage.

Veteran's Day reminded me of the Troubleshooters series by Suzanne Brockmann, a prolific, multi-award winning romantic suspense writer.  The series, 17 books thus far, focuses on a group of men and women with military and/or investigative training who find themselves in harm's way as they defend their country and it's citizens from danger.  These red-blooded heroes and heroines share intense relationships both personally and professionally.

With non-stop action and appealing reappearing characters, this series is a favorite among readers who enjoy daring tales with a side of romance.  Think Homeland on steroids.

Titles in the Troubleshooter series in order of publication:
The Unsung Hero (2000)
The Defiant Hero (2001)
Over the Edge (2001)
Out of Control (2002)
Into the Night (2002)
Gone Too Far (2003)
Flashpoint (2004)
Hot Target (2004)
Breaking Point (2005)
Into the Storm (2006)
Force of Nature (2007)
All Through the Night (2007)
Into the Fire (2008)
Dark of Night (2009)
Hot Pursuit (2009)
Breaking the Rules (2011)
Headed for Trouble (2012)


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