Tuesday, November 5, 2019

First Chapter ~ First Paragraph

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First Chapter ~ First Paragraph Tuesday Intros
, now hosted by Vicki at I'd Rather Be At The Beach, is where bloggers post the first paragraph(s) of a book they are currently reading or planning to read sometime soon. 

Today I'm featuring an upcoming read, The Other Mrs. Miller, a domestic thriller by Allison Dickson. The excerpt shared is from an advanced reader copy given to me by the publisher. 

The Other Mrs. Miller 

Part I
The blue car is there again this morning.  It's parked just down the block, never in the same spot twice, but always within easy view of Phoebe's peering eyes.  The older Ford Focus, with its rusted fenders and a cracked windshield that makes seeing the driver almost impossible, even with powerful binoculars, would go unnoticed almost anywhere else in Chicago.  But on a quiet Lake Forest street, where a three-year-old Land Rover seems ancient, it sticks out like a rotting incisor in a set of bleached teeth.  The only clue to the driver's identity is a magnet on the front passenger door that says Executive Courier Services, but she has yet to see any delivery take place.
What do you think?  Would you continue reading?
The opening paragraph makes me want to continue reading.  I want to know:  Who is in the car?  Why does the person return every day?  Is the narrator really using powerful binoculars to observe the comings and goings on the block?  I admit to being interested when I see an unknown car on my street, but I usually offer just a cursory glance as I take note of it.  But binoculars?  Really?
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  1. Great excerpt, and I love the cover! Thanks for sharing.

  2. It sounds interesting. I will admit that there are occasions when I wish I had binonculars so I could see what was going on in the neighborhood.

  3. So many questions come to mind... I'd have to keep reading!