Monday, July 12, 2021

First Chapter ~ First Paragraph

It's Tuesday . . . time for . . . 

. . . First Chapter ~ First Paragraph Tuesday Intros . . . now hosted by Yvonne at Socrates' Book Reviews, where bloggers share excerpts from a book they have read, are currently reading, or are planning to read.
Today I'm featuring a recent blog tour read, Murder at the Lakeside Library by Holly Danvers, the first book in the new Lakeside Library mystery series. The excerpt shared is from an advance readers copy I received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

First Chapter:  The road ahead spanned like an endless ribbon leading to nowhere. Despite the bone-chilling blast from the air conditioner, Rain Wilmot's hands, clammy with perspiration, slid down the steering wheel. She glanced in the rearview mirror to reassess the backseat of her Ford Explorer, stuffed to the brim with all her worldly possessions. At thirty-two years old, her belongings didn't amount to much. It was as if the ten years of full-time work trapped inside a cubicle amounted to absolutely nothing.


 What do you think?  Would you continue reading?

Recently widowed Rain Wilmot is sorely in need of a fresh start after a fast-paced life in Milwaukee. She hopes that a return to her family's summer cabin in the Wisconsin Northwoods will provide a much-needed respite. What awaits her, however, is a little more than she bargained for.




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  1. I would definitely keep reading! This one has been tempting me!

  2. A lakeside library as the setting has pulled me right in! I also like the main character's name (Rain), lol.

    Here is mine: “SKYE FALLING”

  3. I love the setting and am curious about Rain and what happens next.

  4. I already have this one on my wishlist. So, yes, I would definitely keep reading.