Monday, January 3, 2022

 It's Tuesday . . . time for . . . 

. . . First Chapter ~ First Paragraph Tuesday Intros . . . now hosted by Yvonne at Socrates' Book Reviews, where bloggers share excerpts from a book they have read, are currently reading, or are planning to read.

Today I'm featuring a current read, State of Terror by Hillary Rodham Clinton and Louise Penny. The excerpt shared is from a hardcover version borrowed from the library. 

First Chapter:  "Madame Secretary," said Charles Boynton, hurrying beside his boss as she rushed down Mahogany Row in her office in the State Department. "You have eight minutes to get tot he Capitol."


What do you think?  Would you continue reading? 

I had been on the library hold list for ages, waiting for my turn at this novel. The timing of its arrival makes it my first read of 2022. From the very beginning, you get an insider's view of the role of the Secretary of State, and I can't wait to see where these immensely talented authors will take the story.


This First Chapter~First Paragraph post was originally composed and/or compiled by Catherine for the Book Club Librarian blog.  


  1. Ohhh, you and Laurel both. I've read several ggod reviews - enjoy.

  2. This is the book everyone is reading now! Enjoy.

  3. Was this your First Book of the Year pick? I noticed one other person had chosen it.

    I am glad you are enjoying it, too.

    1. Yes--I did feature this book on Sheila's meme, the Book Journey First Book of 2022.

  4. I just saw this on another blog. I so want to read it. I do have it on audio but I want to get the ebook. I think it would work better for me if I read it instead of listening.

  5. My mom is reading this one room ��

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