Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Focus--Historical YA Fiction

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It's no secret that young adult fiction is a highly popular genre for teens and adults these days.  Most bestseller lists and bookstore displays confirm this. Yet while the fantasy, science fiction, steampunk, contemporary, and dystopian novels capture the most attention, young adult historical novels can be equally appealing.

Earlier this year, The Atlantic Wire (the website of The Atlantic magazine) featured A Literary Tour of Historical Y.A., an article by Jen Doll, which lists young adult books set in bygone eras as well as novels about past events.  This informative piece highlights titles, most of which were published between 2011-2013, in the following categories:

Ancient Egypt (and Rome)
The Renaissance
The Victorian Era
The Titanic
The Western Frontier
Early America
World War I
The Roaring '20s
World War II
Post War
The 1950s
The 1960s
The 1970s
The 1980s

These suggested books are just the thing for readers craving nostalgia, a change of pace, or a break from futuristic-themed fare.
Enjoy life with books . . .

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  1. That is a fabulous list of books, thanks so much for sharing the link!

  2. Brilliant list, added a load to my TBR automatically :) Thanks