Saturday, March 16, 2013

Saturday Shorts--St. Patrick's Eve

                      Irish Celtic background   Claddagh ring in clover shape   Irish Celtic background

St. Patrick's Day will be celebrated across the country and all over the world tomorrow.  In honor of the occasion, here is a poem from the Poetry Foundation website.

St. Patrick's Day
by Jean Blewett

There's an Isle, a green Isle, set in the sea,
Here's to the Saint that blessed it!
And here's to the billows wild and free
That for centuries have caressed it!

Here's to the day when the men that roam
Send longing eyes o'er the water!
Here's to the land that still spells home
To each loyal son and daughter!

Here's to old Ireland--fair, I ween,
With the blue skies stretched above her!
Here's to her shamrock warm and green,
And here's to the hearts that love her!

Irish Celtic design
Other St. Patrick's Day poems and an Irish poem sampler are available from the Poetry Foundation website.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


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