Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Waiting on Wednesday:Tyringham Park

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly feature of the Breaking the Spine blog.  It's a great way to share information about forthcoming books with other readers.

This week's anticipated book:
 Tyringham Park  
 Publisher: Atria Books
Publication Date:  February 25, 2014
Preorder from online and brick and mortar bookstores

From The country estate of Tyringham Park is the epitome of wealth and privilege. Home to the Blackshaws, it finds itself the backdrop to tragedy.

It is a beautiful day in 1917, and Tyringham Park is in an uproar after little Victoria Blackshaw, an innocent toddler, disappears without a trace. The feverish search for Victoria soon uncovers jealousies and deceits that both the upstairs and downstairs inhabitants of the grand estate have fought for years to keep hidden.

As times passes, Victoria’s disappearance casts a long shadow over all of their lives. Charlotte, the Blackshaw’s less favored eight-year-old daughter, finds herself severely impacted by the loss of her sister. As the years pass, she begins to believe that her mother wishes it was she who had disappeared that day rather than the pretty Victoria. Her greatest wish is to escape the confines of the estate that she once loved; however, Tyringham Park and its mysteries may never release its hold on her. Like all those at Tyringham Park, she is forced into a web of passions and secrets, trysts and betrayals that affect the days of everyone connected to this once great house.

My thoughts: This debut novel, set during the Downton Abbey era, was highlighted during Simon & Schuster's Spring 2014 Educator & Librarian Preview as a book for Kate Morton fans. While the description alone is enough to have me anticipating its U.S. publication, I find the author's background interesting as well.  Rosemary McLoughlin, who was born in Australia and now resides in Ireland, is an accomplished artist who is currently at work on a sequel to Tyringham Park.  Information about the author's life and writing--along with images of her art--is available on her website,

Enjoy life with books . . .
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