Monday, August 20, 2018

Last Days of Summer

My sweet spot: the Jersey shore

With summer quickly drawing to a close, I've decided to take some time away from the blogosphere and savor the end of the season.  


I'll be back to blogging after Labor Day.  


In the meantime, I hope you get the time to enjoy all the things that make summer special for you. 


And, of course, happy reading!!!


Phoebe @ My Bookish Friends said...

Enjoy it, Catherine! One of my brothers lives in NJ and spends a week at the shore every August. It's a great spot to be in right now!

Literary Feline said...

Enjoy the rest of your summer, Catherine!

Book Club Librarian said...

Thanks, Rita. The Jersey Shore never disappoints. I took this photo at Spring Lake—it’s less than an hour’s drive away. Happy end of summer to you!

Book Club Librarian said...

Thanks, Wendy. You too!!

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