Monday, June 15, 2020

First Chapter ~ First Paragraph and Teaser Tuesday

It's Tuesday . . . time for . . . 

First Chapter ~ First Paragraph Tuesday Intros now hosted by Yvonne at Socrates' Book Reviews, where bloggers share excerpts from a book they have read, are currently reading, or are planning to read.

Teaser Tuesday hosted by Ambrosia at The Purple Booker, where bloggers post two teaser sentences (no spoilers allowed) from a random page of their current read. 

Today I'm featuring The Dilemma by B.A. Paris, a book I finished this week.  The excerpts shared are from an eBook I received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


Book Beginning:  Sunday, June 9 3:30 A.M. Livia
It's the cooling bathwater that wakes me.  Disorientated, I sit up quickly, sploshing suds up the sides, wondering how long I've been asleep.  I release the plug and the drain gurgles, a too-loud sound in a silent house.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Teaser:  I don't want to think about them today of all days but I can't help it.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

What do you think?  Would you continue reading?
Livia and Adam Harman are a fairly typical married couple.  Although they married very young, they have managed to navigate the rocky times thus far, and have raised two children who are now in college.  As Livia's long-planned fortieth birthday party is about to begin, the celebration is overshadowed by momentous events yet to be revealed.  Both Livia and Adam are aware of devastating news they must share with each other--but how and when--will they divulge information that will ultimately shatter their happiness and change their lives forever? 

This First Chapter ~ First Paragraph and Teaser Tuesday post was originally composed and/or compiled and published by Catherine for the blog,  It cannot be republished without attribution. 


  1. I read another book by this author, so would give this one a chance too.

  2. I would keep reading. I've never read anything by this author.

  3. I enjoyed this one. Thanks for sharing, and for visiting my blog.

  4. I know this is an author that I've wanted to read but I'm not sure I ever had. It sounds like my kind of book.

  5. I'd keep reading. The teasers have my attention.

  6. I love this one. Both Livia and Adam are aware of devastating news they must share with each other. Now it's time to avail plasti dip service for more information.