Monday, December 31, 2012

Last Library Visit of 2012

                                        The Perfect Hope (Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy #3)            The Little Disturbances of Man

I went to the library today to pick up two books that were on hold for me.  I will be starting 2013 by reading The Perfect Hope by Nora Roberts, the third book in the Inn Boonsboro Trilogy, and The Little Disturbances of Man, a collection of short stories by Grace Paley.  Should make for quite the contrast both style-wise and content-wise.

Happy new year's eve...all the best to you in 2013...thanks for reading along with me.


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  1. I saw her Bed and Breakfast on an interview and want to visit there

  2. She also owns a bookstore near the bed & breakfast. It would make a nice trip to a beautiful part of the country.