Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Spotlight--Short Stories

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Here's some good news for short story fans, readers pressed for time during the holidays, and others who'd like to sample the works of authors without committing to a novel: a website with full text short stories from well known (and not so well known) authors that can be read online. Read book online has short stories by James Baldwin, L. Frank Baum, Lewis Carrol, Willa Cather, Edna Ferber, O Henry, James Joyce, Mark Twain, Jules Verne, Kurt Vonnegut, H.G. Wells, Edith Wharton, Oscar Wilde, P.G. Wodehouse, and many others.  The website can be searched alphabetically by author or title.

And, if you have more time, view the selections in the novels, poems, essays, and nonfiction sections of the Read book online  website for more choices.  There are also lists of available greatest novels of the 20th century, Nobel Prize winners, and Pulitzer Prize winners.

Next time you find yourself caught in a long line while holiday shopping, pull up a short story on your smart phone or tablet to help pass the time.


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