Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday Title--The Last Time I Saw You

Now that the holiday season is here, most of us will find ourselves participating in reunions with family and friends, and perhaps reminiscing about the past.  This scenario reminds me of a book I read earlier this year by bestselling author Elizabeth Berg. 

  The Last Time I Saw You

The Last Time I Saw You takes place at the fortieth—and last—class reunion of Whitley High School in Clear Springs, Ohio, and brings together a group of former classmates, each with their own expectations and reasons for attending. At first glance the novel’s characters are an expected mix of former cheerleaders, sports jocks, popular-types, and nerds. Yet under Berg’s expert hand, sensitivities and vulnerabilities are revealed, and interesting twists develop. 

Past trials and tribulations as well as current life dilemmas provide a vivid and insightful backdrop as the now mature characters interact, relive moments of teenage angst, and learn about themselves in the process. Humor and seriousness are well-balanced as these baby boomers individually and collectively ponder the lives created by their choices, come to terms with loneliness and regret, and welcome new friendships with old acquaintances. The weekend reunion proves to be more than a stroll down memory lane; it is an opportunity to develop new appreciation for the road traveled thus far and stamina for the road ahead. 

I enjoyed this book immensely and highly recommend it to individual readers and book clubs alike.  


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