Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Focus--More 2013 Reading Choices

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Sometimes it feels like I spend so much time reviewing new book lists and making my own lists of books to read in the future that it keeps me from reading books in the present.  Oh well.  Since it's way too early in the new year to be cranky, and because old habits die hard, I am indulging myself by sharing two more 2013 book lists with novels and non-fiction promising enough to make my reading list longer still.

The Huffington Post list includes new works by Neil Gaiman, David Sedaris, Lionel Shriver, and Lemony Snicket; Stephen King's sequel to The Shining; Maurice Sendak's last book; and a play written by a 24-year-old Nabokov.

The Atlantic list includes new books by bestselling authors Meg Wolitzer, Khaled Hosseini, Malcolm Gladwell, Tracy Chevalier, and Michael Pollan, and another Stephen King book.

More and more, 2013 is looking like a banner year for books.  But enough list-making for now. Time to spend some time actually reading.  Have a good weekend, readers.


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