Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits--The Downton Abbey Era

DA Cast (Photo Source: tvguide.com)

The new season of Downton Abbey has me completely enthralled.  While I am thoroughly enjoying the characters and storyline, I am also appreciating the references to some of the real people and events making history during that era.

In the episode that aired Sunday night, Lord Grantham expresses his concern about his daughter Sybil's involvement in her husband Branson's political activities in Ireland.  Grantham fears Sybil will become an outspoken supporter of Irish independence and embarrass the family, like two actual female activists from the English upper class who defied their status and joined the ranks of Irish rebels.
Sybil and Branson (Photo Source: pbs.org)
The women Lord Grantham mentioned by name were Maud Gonne (I wrote about her in an unrelated post in December after my visit to Dublin--access that post via this link) and Constance Markiewicz (alternate spelling, Markievicz).  Because of their political beliefs and actions, both women figure prominently in British and Irish history.

The fictional Sybil shares the social status, liberal leanings, and passion of real-life Maud and Constance, adding more layers of dimension and authenticity to the plot of Downton Abbey.


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