Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thursday Thoughts--How It All Began

How It All Began  In How It All Began, Penelope Lively explores the lives and personal reactions to happenstance of a quirky cast of characters. Set in England, the novel is an in-depth look at the foibles, accidents, choices, unexpected twists of fate, and inter-connectedness of modern society.

The characters in this well-plotted novel face circumstances that turn their individual worlds upside down: senior citizens struggle with feelings of helplessness, irrelevance, and invisibility; lovers and spouses reevaluate their relationships after suffering betrayals; and professionals rethink their careers after experiencing setbacks.

How will their futures unfold?  How will they handle the curves life throws their way?  Will they become victims of their circumstances, or take the risks necessary to reinvent themselves?  

This interesting, thoughtful story reminds readers that what happens to us in this life is not as important as how we handle it.  How It All Began offers much food for thought and discussion, making it an excellent choice for both book clubs and individual readers who enjoy contemporary fiction.


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