Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits--He Wrote What??

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Last week, New York City's former mayor, Edward Irving Koch, died.  He was an ardent advocate for the city he loved and a prolific author.  Over the years, Koch wrote many non-fiction books--titles including Politics (with William Rauch in 1985), All the Best: Letters from a Feisty Mayor (with Leland T. Jones in 1990), and I'm Not Done Yet: Keeping At It, Remaining Relevant, and Having the Time of My Life (with Daniel Paisner in 2000).  Not surprising.

Koch also wrote two autobiographies--Mayor (with Willilam Rauch in 1984) and Citizen Koch: An Autobiography with Daniel Paisner in 1992).  Again, not surprising.

But what IS surprising is that Ed Koch also co-authored a series of mystery novels and two children's books.  Who knew?  I had no idea!

The Ed Koch Series of mysteries debuted in 1995 with Murder at City Hall (co-written with Herbert Resnicow), and introduced Koch's alter ego turned amateur detective.  This Ed Koch solves murders all over his beloved city.  There are three other books in the series, which were co-written with Wendi Corsi Staub--Murder on Broadway (1996), Murder on 34th Street (1997), and The Senator Must Die (1998).

       Murder at City Hall (Edward Koch Series #1)Murder on Broadway (Edward Koch Series #2)Murder on 34th Street (Edward Koch Series #3)The Senator Must Die (Edward Koch Series #4)

Koch's two children's book, co-written with Pat Koch Thaler--Eddie: Harold's Little Brother and Eddie's Little Sister Makes a Splash--were published in 2004 and 2007 respectively.


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  1. Who knew! I just love knowing that the beloved Mayor Koch wrote detective novels with himself as the murder solving mayor. What chutzpah! He lived a long, happy and productive life; RIP.

    Thanks for your nice comment on my blog.