Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Waiting on Wednesday--The Secret of...

 The Secret of the Nightingale Palace: A Novel


The Waiting on Wednesday concept is a weekly feature of the Breaking the Spine blog.  It's a great way to share information about a forthcoming title that is on my radar screen with other readers.
Today's anticipated book:  
The Secret of the Nightingale Palace by Dana Sachs
Publication Date:  February 19, 2013
Publisher:  HarperCollins Publishers
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Struggling to move on after her husband's death, thirty-five-year-old Anna receives an unexpected phone call from her estranged grandmother, Goldie, summoning her to New York. A demanding woman with a sharp tongue and a devotion to fashion and etiquette, Goldie has not softened in the five years since she and her granddaughter last spoke. Now she wants Anna to drive her to San Francisco to return a collection of exquisite Japanese art to a long-lost friend.
Hours of sitting behind the wheel of Goldie's Rolls-Royce soften Anna's attitude toward her grandmother, and as the miles pass, old hurts begin to heal. Yet no matter how close they become, Goldie harbors painful secrets about her youthful days in 1940s San Francisco that she cannot share. But if she truly wants to help her granddaughter find happiness again, she must eventually confront the truths of her life.

Moving back and forth across time and told in the voices of both Anna and Goldie, The Secret of the Nightingale Palace is a searing portrait of family, betrayal, sacrifice, and forgiveness—and a testament to the enduring power of love.

My thoughts:  The concept of a grandmother-granddaughter cross-country road trip sounds like a lot of fun--plus a good opportunity to improve inter-generational communication and strengthen family ties.  Ladies, start your engine!

Enjoy life with books.


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  1. This sounds adorable! It kind of reminds me of that new movie out with Seth Rogan and Bette Middler. [Not to compare movies to books, but similar premise] I hope you enjoy it!
    Beth @ YA Vixens
    Vixen's WoW!

    1. Great observation...I hadn't thought of this! Love your WoWs, Kait and Beth, especially Pulse. Thanks for your comments...enjoy your picks!

  2. Sounds like a fun read, enjoy!

  3. I love travel/road trip stories.. they're always so interesting. :) Great pick!
    My WoW Pick!!

    1. I agree...there's something about the open road. Your pick is great, too...I hadn't heard of this sounds like fun...and I love the cover!

  4. I love stories that take us across the years....and grandmothers and granddaughters are a special interest of mine. Thanks for sharing...and for visiting my blog.

    1. Thanks for stopping by...I really love your blog...great images!

  5. Oooh... that looks great! I'll have to check it out.

    Thanks so much for stopping by My WOW

    ~Lynette @ Escaping Reality – One Book at a Time

  6. Oh this does sound good Catherine. Thanks for pointing it out.