Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thursday Thoughts: Recent Reads

The Weight of Blood 

Today I'm sharing my thoughts on two books I recently read, both suspense novels from very talented authors who seamlessly blend past and present story lines to deliver first-rate reads.  In my opinion, they offer a perfect antidote for the winter blues, and I highly recommend them.
The Weight of Blood by Laura McHugh
Part coming of age story and part murder mystery, Lucy's investigation into the disappearance of a classmate uncovers one family's shameful past and the town's dark secrets.  Who will survive these revelations as a tornado bears down on the small Ozark town of Henbane?

As the plot unfolds, readers piece together the mysteries of the past and their impact on current events in this well-paced page turner.  The Weight of Blood explores the dark side of human nature, the price of silence, how far people go to protect loved ones or personal interests, the definition of family, and the resilience of the human spirit.

The Three-Day Affair  
The Three-Day Affair by Michael Kardos
A weekend getaway goes horribly awry for four college buddies who have been reuniting annually for a weekend of golf since their graduation from Princeton University. As their weekend in suburban New Jersey begins, the unexpected and drastic actions of one brings life-altering consequences for all. 

As the story unfolds, readers come to realize that nothing is quite as it seems, as the men's past grudges, secrets, rivalries, and betrayals are revealed in a series of plot twists.  Once thick as thieves, they must come to terms with their past behavior as each hurtles toward an uncertain future.  The Three-Day Affair explores the nature of friendship, the consequences of youthful missteps, and the lengths to which some are willing to go for personal gain and to settle past grievances. 

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