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Thursday Thoughts: Fonduing Fathers

Fonduing Fathers (White House Chef Mystery Series #6)

Fonduing Fathers by Julie Hyzy

The sixth book in the White House Chef Mystery Series immerses readers in the latest exploits of executive chef Olivia "Ollie" Paras.  As fans of the series already know, trouble has a way of finding Ollie, and her inquisitive nature and political surroundings serve to further complicate matters, embroiling her in hotter situations than the average chef encounters.

In Fonduing Fathers, the mystery that unfolds is more personal than usual, as Ollie investigates the circumstances which led to her father's death when she was a mere child.  Ollie is shocked to learn that Anthony Paras was murdered, and appalled that he was considered a disgraced veteran and corporate spy.  Surely that couldn't be true--especially given the fact that Ollie's dad was laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery despite receiving a dishonorable discharge from the army.  She just can't believe such things about the man she remembers as a loving father and devoted husband. 

Although warned away from probing further, Ollie is determined to clear her father's name.  As she gets closer to uncovering the truth, Ollie puts herself and those close to her in grave danger.  Will she discover who murdered her father and why, and uncover her father's true character? Can friends in high places manage to intervene and save Ollie from imminent harm?    

Author Julie Hyzy treats readers to more of Ollie's personal life and background in this latest installment, making her an even more endearing heroine.  Moreover, the positive developments in her blossoming relationships with members of the first family and special agent Leonard "Gav" Gavin nicely counterbalance the daily diplomacy Ollie must practice to successfully navigate her White House workplace and difficult co-workers.  This reader eagerly awaits the next book in the series, along with its recipes and clever title.

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Fonduing Fathers

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